Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Christin & Seth: The Wedding!

I first met Christin at Nicky & Kit's wedding! Christin was engaged and had been watching me work and then saw some of the sneak peek photos on Nicky & Kit's slideshow at their reception. Nicky introduced me to this beautiful blond and her handsome partner in crime and the rest is history!

Christin is playful, athletic, fearless, and beautiful! Seth adores her with every last molecule in his being! Seriously, he couldn't take his eyes of Christin the whole day... He's everything she needs and they're perfect for eachother!

Thanks a million Christin for allowing me to become a part of your group and blend in with your friends and family! Your wedding day experience was so happy and I'm lucky to have been able to be your photographer! I'll never forget it :)

Here are some of my FAVES!

Love her smile...
532180210_img_2281 logo

532173547_img_2247 logo

Um... Gorgeous, yes? YES.
532221140_img_2748 logo

EYES! You melt me, Christin! OMG...
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We headed over to a near by park for a few pre-ceremony shots. Check out the ladies! Hottttt with lots of t's!!!
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So cute!!! I love this shot...
532070556_img_0399 logo

Seth knows exactly what to say to get her to make this face! LOVE IT!
532197408_img_2484 logo

Married!!! How happy do they look?!
532330122_img_0823 logo

Christin told us about this field... I'm so glad she did, yes I AM.
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I think I say this at every wedding, but seriously, I don't think I've laughed as much as at this one! I have NO idea what was so funny ALL THE TIME. Love this group shot.
532397890_img_0033 logo

And lastly... my most fave of the day... Gotta love their smiles and in-love-ness!
532065263_img_3259 retouchedweb copy

Christin and Seth, your fabulousness rock my socks off! I love how you guys love each other! Thanks again for everything! xoxo! -Claire