Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy Holidays and More!

WOW. what a great Christmas! I hope everyone had a wonderful, fun-filled, relaxing, time with family and friends this Christmas.

I think this was the best Christmas EVER for Paul and I. We have been so blessed and now we're able to bless SO MANY others. I'll be posting a holiday blog later filled with photos and summaries of the many adventures of Claire.

But for now, on to other things photo related!

Just before Christmas, I photographed the Drumeller family! What a blast. The boys were so adorable ... and such performers! Carrie and CJ are great parents... Cj is a musician too. They were wonderful and brave and tried all these new ideas I had... check out this great look'n family!

Their oldest boy... what a funny little guy!

And here are a couple of my faves!

So that is a small glimpse at the Drumeller family of Lee's Summit! You can always view the whole set at

Friday, December 21, 2007

4 More Days!

4 More days until Christmas! I'm soooo excited!

So far, I have no blog readers... I'm not doing a very good job in the awareness category though!

It looks like Christmas eve will be spent at the Ryser home, then Christmas morning will be spent at the Lohman home! I'll be posting images of the big day! I'm soo excited! (did I say that already?)

Well, just looking ahead for the next few months, here's what I've got scheduled so far...

Destination Wedding: Dallas, TX
Engagement: Ben and Shelly, KCMO
Wedding: KCMO Area
Anytime / Senior Pics session: Kenny and Friends!
Family Shoot: Dustin and Jeana
Family Shoot: Autumn & Kiley
Engagement: Megan & Michael
Portraits: Katie
Family Shoot: Sheena & Derrick
Bridals: Sheena & Derrick
Fashion/Make Up: Adamo Venuesta

Just a sneak peak. As of now, I'm only a weekend photographer, but as the days start getting lighter longer and the weather gets warmer, I'll be able to do a few weekday evenings here and there.

Pictures make blogs more fun, so here are some images of a very very adorable baby girl, Maya.

She is the first baby I have ever photographed! She was so sleepy the whole shoot, but she did so well! Take a look at this sweet baby girl...

You can always check out more at

Have a great weekend!



Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Let the countdown begin! I'm soooo excited for Christmas this year! If anyone has a couple thou$ they want to spend on me, I would love a Canon 17-55mm f2.8 IS lense and the new I-Mac... yumy. Paul and I actually have 95% of eveyrthing bought and wrapped! Go us! This Christmas is going to be a blast.... I'm so excited for paul to open his super cool, secret, gift from me! hehehe!

On another note, things are looking really good for the new year! Dates are already filling up with senior photo sessions, weddings, bridals, family portraits and more! Thanks to all my WONDERFUL clients who are helping me spread the word! Where would I be without you guys.

Since I started Visionaire Studios 6 months ago, I've done 17 photo sessions... which averages out to ALMOST 3 a month! My goal for this time next year is at least 3 a WEEK. I'm still in the baby stages of starting my business, getting tax id's etc. There is sooo much work involved! But I'm really excited and I've never felt so right about where my life is going. I've always dreamed of being my own boss, being flexible, and doing what I love to do... for a living!

There's nothing like seeing someone smile... just from looking at a photo of themselves, their loved ones... a special moment. I'm glad I can capture a memories for people... And I look forward to doing that for a long time.

Here are some photos from a family shoot I did a couple weeks ago... This is the Koppang family! Their two sons, Issac and Isaiah, are a RIOT! I've never laughed so hard as I did with this family.

James and Jill are such great parents. We did their shoot at a park in Kansas City... So while the kids were playing, we were near by getting some time alone...

To view more, you can go to !

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I'm Back!

The past couple months have been such an amazing adventure! We've had so much snow the past couple of weeks... it's been quite a change from the 80 degree weather we had in October!

Where do I start... it's been quite a while since I've blogged! The website is underway and should be finished soon. I'm planning on getting some fun headshots with Sara Tafoya soon! I can't wait... she's really fun and an amazing photographer! She did my wedding back in June and is the one who really inspired me to pursue my passion in photography. So thanks, Sara, if you ever read this!

Sara got a Visionaire gift card for her birthday this year! Here's some of the images from our shoot... you can always check out more at

Here's Sara look'n sultry and beautiful...

Check out those eyes!

Love this one...

Awesome huh! She was so willing to go anywhere for these shots! Thanks for being so awesome, lady! You're shots came out great.

Check back soon for more!... I'll be back. ;)

- Claire & Visionare