Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nhan: Blue Springs Class of 2009 - Senior photos in Lee's Summit

What can I say... Nhan is so much cooler than I am! And I think these photos speak for themselves!

We did his senior photo session around the Longview Farms area in Lee's Summit, Missouri. Check it out...

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Abbey: High School Senior Photos - Blue Springs, MO

I met Abbey last year when I was her sister's wedding photographer!

Abbey, you are gorgeous, cute, funny, smart and all of the above!!! I had a blast with you out at the lake and you seriously WORKED IT OUT GIRL!!! It isn't every day you have your picture taken by a professional and Abbey came super prepared with the most adorable outfits! I loved her bright colors!

ANNNNYYYWAYS. Y'all just wanna see the photos, I KNOW, so I'll shut up! LOL

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Cute and she knows it...
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Awww! so pretty! Do these colors rock or WHAT?
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There is something about this photo that just makes me want to drink lemonade... Now I'm so thirsty for it... I wonder if Paul will go get me some? But seeeeriously, I love this shot. She totally owns it!
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Talk about natural beauty! How do you do it Abbey?! (The Crane!!!JK LOL)
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OK, so I seriously couldn't decide on my FAVORITE photo from this area... there were so many good ones and she looks perfect in all of them!? Looks like I'll just have to post LOTS :) Seriously, look how awesome she looks!
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We drove down to go to the marina area but on the way there was this open area with all these flowers! GORGEOUS! She looks so naturally beautiful...
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HOW CUTE IS SHE? SOOOO CUTE!!!! I'm jealous!
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Abbey, please let me borrow some of your adorableness for just ONE day...
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UGH! THIS IS MY FAVORITE SHOT! Look at her! Special thanks to myself and Abbey's mom for our hard work on the bouquet in all these shots. (lol)
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Gaaaahhhh! (Do people in Missouri say that? Or is it sooo just an Illinois thing?)
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You are straight out of a magazine or something girl...
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We finally made it down to the marina... I think I stopped a million times on the way because I was like, OH! This spot is pretty! Let's stop here!... I had to keep reminding myself we'd never make it out of the park if I stopped ever 15 feet! But give me a break, you would do the same thing!

Here she is in her second skin... jeans and a t-shirt.
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You and Mr. Sailboat match today! (why am I such a dork?!)
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Love this!
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Congrats Abbey, Class of 2009! You're an awesome girl with a wonderful family who loves you very much. I'm glad I've been able to be a part of 2 important experiences in your life now. Let's always stay in touch! Thanks girl!


Monday, April 20, 2009

Merryl & Tommy: Engagement Photos in Kansas City

Wow. Where to start with Merryl and Tommy!? This was one of the most crazy/fun engagement sessions ever!

Let's start off with the fact that these two are practically geniuses, Tommy is working on his Masters and he and Merryl are madly and contently in love :)
Their journey started out at the University of Love... wait, I mean the University of Missouri Kansas City where they fell in love :) They had most of their classes together as they learned the basics of Architecture and discovered their FABULOUS chemistry... sigh. Playful, energetic, smart, beautiful, athletic, adventurous... are just a few words I would use to describe these two amazing people!

Their wedding will take place in St. Joseph, Missouri on May 22nd and I'm sooo excited and honored to be their wedding photographer!

I have to tell you, there IS a crazy story involved in this engagement session. We decided to do a sunrise shoot and met downtown in Kansas City on main street. The plan was for all of us to then carpool to the building where Merry and Tommy first met at the UMKC campus(how romantic! I love it when couples choose places that are meaningful to them!)

We piled all of myself and camera stuff into their car and headed down Main Street when all of a sudden... "GGGRRRRRRRRIIINNNDDD"... I honestly have to admit I was pretty much oblivious to it and was chatting it up with Merryl about the wedding and paying no attention to poor Tommy's distressed face. We drove a few more yards and then the "ummmm... what's that sound.. why is the car bumping along like this?" questions started falling out of our mouths. I heard Tommy say something about "the electrical seems to be out as well as the brakes" ... in my head I'm thinking "hmm, that sounds serious, but Tommy looks really calm so this can't be as bad as it sounds, right?"

Well. We ended up coasting back down Main Street and piling into MY car (after I moved everything PLUS the kitchen sink into my trunk) and then proceeded to our location! Phew! We are troopers and survived what could have been a disaster.. I think! You would never know from Tommy and Merryl's cool-collected-ness!

Here are some of my favorite shots from the place where they first met, Epperson House...
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CRAZY FACT: Believed to have ghosts, Epperson House was featured on "Unsolved Mysteries" as one of the top five haunted houses in the country. The building has many secret passageways! (None of which I found but I really wanted to go exploring after I heard about it! Move over Nancy Drew!!!)
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Love this...
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Aww! Can you sooo feel their in-love-ness?
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We found a way inside Epperson House (Nancy Drew style!) and got some of this hotttness...
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After we left the beautiful and mysterious Epperson we headed to the lawn of the Nelson Atkins for some rough-housing and football throwing! Are they adorable? YES!
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The sun was finally rising and warming everything up. I love the colors in these shots... Spring and summer, I love you, please be here to stay!
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As we were shooting the above shots, a large production crew was shooting a movie near by (what is this, L.A. or something?!) but I had to steal the director's chair for just a few shots before we called it a day. Love it!
Web Logo Retouched IMG_0431

And to end this blog, of course I have to wrap up the story... I offered Merryl and Tommy a ride home "up north" to their house! Yes, I am your hero, here to serve :) I should wear a cape to your wedding! (OK, I sooo would never do that). But seriously, thank you guys sooo soo much! You are fabulous and I know your wedding day is going to rock. See you soon!!!