Friday, May 29, 2009

Katie & Blake: Love in Kansas City

I love engagement photos! And Katie and Blake's session was nothing short of FABULOUS.
Katie and Blake are sophisticated, quirky, fun-loving, beautiful... and so in love with each other. It's pretty much the most obvious thing EVER. Both of them are super geniuses...Blake is studying law at KU and if there's a formula for finding your perfect match, Katie's got it memorized with the patent pending. Trust me.

The Plaza shops and streets are like a second home to them and are full of memories of fun times and first dates, so they decided it would be the best place to take their engagement photos!

Here's a peek at some of my favorites from their day!

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I love this one! Katie, you are gorgeous!
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Katie rocked this LBD! So vintage and chic!
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Awww... they are so in love. And adorable.
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After spending time around the iconic Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, we headed to yet another well known and loved place in the heart of Kansas City... The Liberty Memorial. It overlooks our simple and historical skyline... You can even see the Western Auto symbol to the right...
Quick fact: Western Auto was started in 1909 in Kansas City, Missouri, by George Pepperdine, who later founded Pepperdine University.
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Shoes say so much about a person! I love their combo :)
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So sweet... Blake loves Katie A LOT.
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As the sun set over Kansas City, I couldn't be more happy for Katie and Blake... Two people who know they've found the person they want to be with at the end of each day for the rest of their lives...
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Thank you both so much for deciding to do an engagement session! What a good idea ;)
I can't wait for the wedding to come! Check back in August internet people for a peek of their wedding photos!



Thursday, May 21, 2009

Shanon & Tyler: Engagement Photos in Kansas City | My Best Friend's Wedding

Chapter 1:
It's hard to know where to begin as I'm writing this post. Really hard. If Shannon, Emily (my twin sister) and I were all together right now, we'd probably all start singing, "Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. When you read you begin with ABC...." (You know, from The Sound of Music!?)OH. And we would do it in three-part harmony too.. And add key change just for show.

You see, there are friends. Then there is Shannon. They type of friend you're lucky to have, even if it's just for a day out of a lifetime.

It seems like just yesterday we were like, 13... using Sun-In and laying out in her driveway and talking about boys -only to be interrupted and shocked my a blast of cold water from our brothers water guns. We've pretty much been through it all together. The three of us. We've been through hard times, fun times... seen a lot of things and been a part of life-changing moments. We've done everything little girls dream of... INCLUDING forming a "girl" band (with our brothers! Sorry Aaron and Rob!)...Oh and hey, all of our shows from the first show on had like, over 100 people turn out, so don't judge! Together, we have definitely lived exciting, adventurous, deep and meaningful lives thus far... filled with moments worth memorizing, and many memories to come :)

Chapter 2:

The days of Sun-In, carefree summers, band practices, and week long slumber parties may have come to an end... but when I first saw Shannon happy and in love with her perfect match, Tyler, the man of her dreams, somehow that look in their eyes let me know that the best is still to come.

Tyler will be graduating with his Masters this winter and will move to the Kansas City area from Illinois to be with the one he loves (AND HANG OUT WITH HER AMAZING BEST FRIENDS, OF COURSE!) and they'll be getting married December 12th, 2009!

And Tyler IS the perfect match for my best friend. Trust me, I would know, right?
Well. Just check out some of my favorite shots from their engagement session... They pretty much say it all.

logo Web Retouched IMG_9894

Shannon has always been adorably fashionable and beautiful. Always. I love this one of them. Maybe it's the way Tyler looks at her. AWWWW!
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Um, so I usually don't do a whole lot of harsh light stuff. But I have to say, I think they totally worked the light on this one. Love it.
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Quick fact: Tyler was Shannon's very first slow dance EVER due to many factors including, but not limited to, her limo breaking down on the strip in Las Vegas on prom night! Tyler, you are one lucky guy!
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MAGAZINE WORTHY HOTTT. Yes, you guys look awesome. Everyone is jealous. Check AND Done.
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I don't know how guys do it, but they can always think of something to say to make us girls laugh. Are they adorable together or WHAT?
logo Web Retouched IMG_0297

Hello vintage truck! How are you? Would you like to be in our awesome picture?
Logo Web Retouched

Woo Woo! I love how her ring hand and finger is facing forward for this shot! HA! I think it's pretty much a given that when a girl get's engaged, just know that she's got every right to walk around in the "Ring on It!" position. Thank you!
Logo Web Retouched IMG_9943

You know, every relationship has its flaws. Shannon, our flaw was that our feet are like, 3 million sizes away from being the same shoe size (OK, so she's like, a 6 and I'm totally a humongous 8.5-9... but it might as well be 3 million sizes apart!). Don't blame me for being upset. She always has the cutest shoes that I'll never be able to borrow! Seeeeeee!
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After hanging out in the West Bottoms, we headed out to a more quaint setting in Lee's Summit. I love their outfits! (again, boots that I'll never be able to borrow)
Logo Web Retouched IMG_0374

One of my most favorites...
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logo Web Retouched IMG_0465

LOVE THIS ONE TOO! I started to tear up right after this and totally almost lost it! But I seriously recovered. We're practically sisters AND.... I'm a bridesmaid, so give me a break, ok?
Logo Web Retouched IMG_0436

Shannon and Tyler are such a beautiful couple, inside and out, and it just makes me so so happy to know that they finally found eachother. Love is an amazing thing :)
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Shannon and Tyler, I'm so thankful to have you as friends for life! Looking at where we've all come from, it's a miracle that we even know each other. I know God brought you two together and I'm so blessed to be able to know you both. I love you and I'm sooo sooo sooo thrilled that I am going to be a bridesmaid in your rocking wedding party!!! AHHHH!!! I'm lucky to have shared so many moments worth memorizing with you... and I know the best is still to come.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Vinesha: Blue Springs Senior Photography

Vanisha is spunky and full of love. And she's model-gorgeous. And I have to admit I was a little bit jealous of her cuteness. LOL!

I first met Vanisha at Nhan's senior photo session... It's a funny story actually!

While shooting Nhan, I heard a car pull over and saw someone get out of it and start walking towards me. My first thought: Oh great, someone called security on you and you're getting kicked out of this area for taking pictures... Which really for all the non-photographer people out there, happens pretty much every other time it seems like!

Anyways. Out of the corner of my eye I see this cute adorable teenage girl and I was like... OK, she is NOT a security guard! I finally stopped pretending I didn't see her (remember, I thought she was going to kick me out! She couldn't stop me from shooting photos if I didn't SEE her, right?) She explained in the sweetest voice that she needed to get her senior photos done and saw me shooting... could you be my photographer?

I was all, HECK YES! And that's how it's DONE!

I need to shoot out on busy streets more often I guess.
Thanks a million trillion billion Vinesha for being brave and coming up to a complete stranger on a busy street! You are awesome and I'm glad we could meet and become friends! Congrats Class of 2009!

Here's some of my favorites:

Web Logo Retouched IMG_0055

Web logo Retouched IMG_0035

Girl, you are fierce and cute all at the same time! HOW?
Web Logo Retouched IMG_9825

Web Logo Retouched IMG_0288

Vinesha had all her details WORKED OUT! From her jewelry down to her shoes... she even did a quick eyeshadow change! Go girl!
Web Logo Retouched IMG_0136

This shot is SOOOO her... Carefree, spirited, spunky and happy!
Web Logo Retouched IMG_0341

One of the guys at the marina let us get on one of the $500,000 boats! And much to my dismay, he wouldn't let us take it out on the water. (duh, I guess!) But check this out! IS she cute or WHAT? Cute.
Web Logo Retouched IMG_0273

Love this!
Web Logo Retouched IMG_0372

BAM! Vanisha is in the house!
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Web Logo Retouched IMG_0432

Thanks girl! I had a great time with you... You totally give the best hugs EVER and I love your attitude! You rock!