Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Los Angeles Earthquake

This afternoon, there was an earthquake with a 5.8 magnitude in the L.A area.
L.A. is far from home, but my dad is there this week for meetings and briefings for his job. See the article here

He called us and said he was OK and his building was earthquake proof... but that the building swayed back and forth quite a bit! His staff / local members there said it was one of the worst they've ever experienced there.

I've lived in the Midwest my whole life (Born in New Braunfels, TX, lived in Biloxi Mississippi, Rantoul / Ludlow Illinois, Whitman Air Force Base, Knob Knoster, Smithton, Raymore, Lee's Summit, and Blue Springs, Missouri, (GEESH! That's ALOT of moving... and we're not even in the military!) So I'm used to storms and tornadoes... But earth quakes?! Yikes!

CNN Live was showing live (obviously) footage of the streets and it was like they were turning into mud pits and water was coming up. CRAZY!

In the footage some people were just going about the lives like nothing was going on... while others were totally freaking out. I guess that's how you know who the locals and who the out-of-towners are.

Last week Dad was in Washington D.C. and had quite the adventure there too. I say, "no more adventures, come home!"

Monday, July 28, 2008

To the Theatre!

Paul and I (well, mainly I) bought season passes to Starlight Theatre in Kansas City. We'll be joining friends and family for a fun night out under the stars! Tonight is Music Man. I've never seen it, but Paul was in the play in high school. I'm practically dragging him. It will be soooo much fuunnnn!!!! He just rolls his eyes at me. lol.

Too bad! ;)

Bright Eyes : Kira is 6 months!

I met Tamara and Justin through my friends, Dustin, Lora and Maya!

Kira did such a great job! She wasn't feeling well at all... and Tamara would probably say that's an understatement. But you can't tell from these photos! Here big eyes shined right through! We were so proud of her.

I love to shoot babies in available / natural light because it just lights up their whole face... and especially their eyes. We started out outdoors... but it made little Kira squint. So we moved things inside.. and POP! she cheered right up.

What a personality!!!!
kd 2

She was looking at daddy in this shot. I'm pretty sure she'll get whatever she wants from him with these big eyes!!!
kd 1

And this face... Just MELTS me!

kd 3

Thanks so much guys for choosing me to be a part of Kira's 6 month b-day!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dina & Brenden

It's not often that the first time you meet someone... they're wearing nothing but a towel.

I had the pleasure of shooting with the fun and fabulous Josh Solar recently! And NO, he was NOT the one in the towel.

Dina, the beautifully stunning bride, was super nice and so easy to work with... Maybe that's why Josh knew he could leave me to handle the "girls getting ready" part on my own ; )

Upon entering their hotel room, I was warmly greeted by Dina's sister-in-law and her step mom. As we were talking about the day ahead and getting to know each other, Dina popped out of the bathroom, all smiles, in nothing but a towel! They all squealed about how beautiful she was... I have to admit, she was glowing!!! After we met everyone started buzzing around and Dina quickly slipped into her dress with the help of her wonderful ladies!

Dina must be blessed with the gift of craftiness! She MADE her hairpiece! SOOOO GORGEOUS. And you have to love her body-hugging gown. GEEZ!

db blog 9

db blog 1

db blog3


db blog2

Everyone was ready early, so the girls decided to cruise around in the limo with some champaign... and let me just say this. What happened in that limo, stays in the limo!!!

db blog 8

An operatic voice sang out as Dina walked down the aisle. Does Brenden look happy or WHAT?

Caption for bottom right photo: "With this thing I the we... Wait, what do I say?!"

db blog 10

db blog 7

db blog6

"look'n all model-y" as Josh would say! ;)

db blog5

I love the simplicity of this shot...

db blog4

Jenny's shoes were pretty tough to fill... Thanks Josh for letting me try! :) (Jenny is Josh's lovely wife who usually shoots with him... her baby was about to pop out that day, so it was best she stayed home.) Say hi to the new baby for me!!!!


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Life and Matresses (!?)

Stay tuned...

Starting this Saturday, I will blog 1 of these events each day!

AND I have a mini Photoshop tutorial for you Photoshop newbies out there!

Nick & Kerry's Wedding
Jason and Raeann's Wedding
Bill & Becky's Wedding
Dina and Brenden's Wedding
Maureen - Business Headshots
Baby Kira's 6 months! / Family Photos

... So hang in there and check back Saturday!

Paul and I are right in the middle of getting my office set up. A few days ago it was packed with boxes of stuff we didn't know what to do with but of course NEEDED to keep for some reason "just in case". But now it is mostly empty! So we'll be painting and spending lots of money at Lowe's, Pier 1, World Market ... etc.

For those of you who follow the blog, we bought our first home in April and we're still "moving in" if that gives you any idea of how busy our lives are. I wake up every morning on a mattress... on the floor... Which is surprisingly more comfortable then our box spring + frame set up we previously had. Go figure. I just keep telling myself that we're just doing the bohemian thing for a season. It's great until our baby (Louie, our sweet 4 month old kitten) uses our faces as spring boards at 3am.

Larissa and I are signed up for David Jay's Free To Succeed Tour which is taking place very close to home. Being the new girl on the block, I'm excited to meet all the local KC talent in the photography world all in 1 spot!... And of course meet Jasmine Star! She is a twin (like me!! from a big family (like me!) and has found great success and fulfillment in what she does... very inspiring to someone who's only been in this for about 10 months now!

Anyways. I'm glad I get to take photos of beautiful people who love each other.

Friday is my Birthday by the way! I'll be the ripe ooollllld age of ... 23!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Website / Clients / Etc.!

Hi to those of you who read this blog!

If you haven't noticed, my website is undergoing major changes!

So I want to thank you for your patience in this transition and I promise your proofing galleries will be up and running soon.

Also, I'm having issues with my ftp-ing with the new hosting info... so slideshows are a little late coming.

If you have questions or need to get a hold of me asap, just call me at (816) 726-6705 and leave a message and I'll get back with you as soon as I can.

THANKS everyone!