Monday, June 29, 2009

Krystle & Gabe: Engaged!

It all started when Gabe needed a new cell phone. Little did he know that he would soon meet the gorgeous, fun, stylish Krystle and future love of his life (she is also an expert in all things "cell phone"!) when he walked into the store.

They couldn't agree on how many times Gabe came in to talk to Krystle about all the many attributes of cell phones and options, but I heard 6.. 8 .. maybe 10 times. Let's just say a few trips more than what's necessary to discuss the perfect cell phone!

Krystle didn't even have to ask Gabe for his number... she already had it :) And after a few text message back and forth they decided to meet (and probably talk about ANYTHING BESIDES phones!) and the rest is history!

Krystle loves Gabe... and Gabe takes such good care of her! Her smiling and stunning eyes would melt the hardest heart! I love how these two are so content, comfortable and confident in their love for each other!

Here are a few of my favorites from their engagement photos in Lee's Summit, Missouri:

UM. GORGEOUS! Krystle, please share your eyes with me! LOL! She's hot, huh!


She has the best smile! No wonder Gabe loves her so much ;)

How are you guys so cute? Love these outfits Krystle picked out!

Gabe adores her, it's pretty much obvious! Love this one!



LOVE. One of my faves!

Quick story: It rained so hard the night before our session that we had to walk in deep deep mud, puddles and 4-foot tall grass to get to where we wanted to go! I'm so proud of you guys for being such troopers! Krystle was even in heels! I LOVE MY CLIENTS... are they fabulous or WHAT? Don't be jealous.

Love these colors! The light was quickly fading so this was shot pretty much wide open with my prime 50mm 1.4 @ISO 1000, fstop: 1.4, shutter: 1/80.

Grass taller than me!

AND... the reason I'm posting this shot... is because two other friends wanted to get in on the shoot! Can you see what I'm talking about?

I'm super lucky to be Krystle and Gabe's photographer for their wedding at Hawthorne House on April 10th, 2010! I can hardly wait!

Krystle and Gabe, thank you for being so fabulous! You are beautiful people, inside and out. We had quite an adventure and if our time together during your session is in any way a representation of how your life together will be... Expect many more fun adventures full of love and happiness! Gabe, you take such good care of Krystle and she loves you so much. I'm blessed to have you as my clients!