Monday, June 29, 2009

Krystle & Gabe: Engaged!

It all started when Gabe needed a new cell phone. Little did he know that he would soon meet the gorgeous, fun, stylish Krystle and future love of his life (she is also an expert in all things "cell phone"!) when he walked into the store.

They couldn't agree on how many times Gabe came in to talk to Krystle about all the many attributes of cell phones and options, but I heard 6.. 8 .. maybe 10 times. Let's just say a few trips more than what's necessary to discuss the perfect cell phone!

Krystle didn't even have to ask Gabe for his number... she already had it :) And after a few text message back and forth they decided to meet (and probably talk about ANYTHING BESIDES phones!) and the rest is history!

Krystle loves Gabe... and Gabe takes such good care of her! Her smiling and stunning eyes would melt the hardest heart! I love how these two are so content, comfortable and confident in their love for each other!

Here are a few of my favorites from their engagement photos in Lee's Summit, Missouri:

UM. GORGEOUS! Krystle, please share your eyes with me! LOL! She's hot, huh!


She has the best smile! No wonder Gabe loves her so much ;)

How are you guys so cute? Love these outfits Krystle picked out!

Gabe adores her, it's pretty much obvious! Love this one!



LOVE. One of my faves!

Quick story: It rained so hard the night before our session that we had to walk in deep deep mud, puddles and 4-foot tall grass to get to where we wanted to go! I'm so proud of you guys for being such troopers! Krystle was even in heels! I LOVE MY CLIENTS... are they fabulous or WHAT? Don't be jealous.

Love these colors! The light was quickly fading so this was shot pretty much wide open with my prime 50mm 1.4 @ISO 1000, fstop: 1.4, shutter: 1/80.

Grass taller than me!

AND... the reason I'm posting this shot... is because two other friends wanted to get in on the shoot! Can you see what I'm talking about?

I'm super lucky to be Krystle and Gabe's photographer for their wedding at Hawthorne House on April 10th, 2010! I can hardly wait!

Krystle and Gabe, thank you for being so fabulous! You are beautiful people, inside and out. We had quite an adventure and if our time together during your session is in any way a representation of how your life together will be... Expect many more fun adventures full of love and happiness! Gabe, you take such good care of Krystle and she loves you so much. I'm blessed to have you as my clients!



Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Laura and Dan: Married!

Laura and Dan are the kind of people that have their own language... their own special way of looking at each other... yet they also know how to open their arms and let the whole world share their happiness! Laura is bubbly like NO OTHER. Not KIDDING! Her sweet sing-song voice filled the air the entire day as she happily commented on each and every detail, making sure everything was in order!

Dan is the MAN! (OK, I TOTALLY had to say that... it RHYMES!, don't make fun) But he is. The man with love so great that he would lay down his life for his friend, his beautiful bride, Laura. He kinda just rocks like that!

The day was rainy and overcast, but my "Claire Ryser Brides" don't let a little rain get in the way of hot pictures!!!! HOLLA! We totally worked it out, rain or shine (not much shine this day... but the smiles on Dan and Laura's face TOTALLY made up for that 100%)

Dan and Laura, thank you x's a million billion trillion for trusting me and welcoming me into your special day! I'm thrilled with your pictures and I hope you love them as much as I do! I KNOW you're probably checking this blog every hour to see your sneak peek.... So I'll quit typing and get to the good stuff! LOL.... HOT PICTURES BELOW! WARNING!:

This was Laura's one request... A shot of the dress AND Dan's suit hanging next to it! LOVE IT!

Back in the "getting ready room", the flower girl was checking her hot self out! HA! I think she stood there for a good 30 seconds! (For those if you that aren't familiar with the antics of adorable flower girls on the day of a wedding, that's kind of a long time for ANY flower girl to be still or stay in one spot!)

Father and daughter... A million words in this picture :)

Dan and Laura wanted to see each other before the ceremony (I LOVE it!) and share a special moment alone together... hugging, praying and talking. I love how close he holds her :)

UM. YAH. Laura is stunningly beautiful... no question there!

Love these colors! Who says a cloudy day can't be bright? No worries here. BEAUTIFUL.

Gotta love these girls a whole lot!

Laura, you look so gorgeous!!!!
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A very beautiful and bright bouquet filled red, orange, yellow, green, white and pink was the only way to go for a girl like Laura! LOVE your style chica!

Since Dan and Laura had their first look before the ceremony, it left us so much more time photo photos! I LOVE this one of them!

As Larissa and I were running down a path ahead of Dan and Laura, we looked back and grabbed this shot! So cute!

He loves you Laura!


Another fave!

At the ceremony, the "judges" ... ahem, groomsmen, had a surprise for Dan and Laura after their first kiss as husband and wife! Those are some pretty good scores! (Dan said he needed to keep practicing throughout the rest of the wedding day. We don't mind!)

The garden style cake with a custom flower topper and green trimming! Love it!

OMG, the getaway car! HA!

MARRIED! Whoever started the tradition of throwing things at the bride and groom as they run as fast as they can to leave their wedding... It's times like this I want to say, THANK YOU.

Dan and Laura. You rock. Your wedding day was so happy and filled with laughs, tears,... and hotness! Thank you again for opening your hearts and lives to me... your family was equally as welcoming and I'm so privileged to have been your photographer! I wish you the best as you start your new lives together in Champaign, Illinois (My brother was born there and I lived just a few miles from there from the ages of 2-8! Small world!). MUCH LOVE! We'll stay in touch :)


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Autum & Jason: Engagement Photos in Lee's Summit, MO

Jason and Autum share a love that is unconditional, passionate, quiet, fun, free and unfailing. And I was sooo excited when she asked me to be her wedding photographer! DONE AND DONE! When we were talking about her engagement session, she asked if it would be OK to bring along her boys. UM. YEEESSSS! Please and THANK YOU, CHICA! This family has sooo much love! I totally fit in with the boys and felt right at home singing about Captain Underpants and exploring "Tokyo"!

Here are some of my faves from the session...



The best big brother ever :)


After a bit, the boys went to have more fabulous times with Grandma... as much as I KNOW they wanted to hang out with me because I'm sooooo cooooool. We all stayed behind for a while longer to get some of this hottnesss...

I love love!


This was riiiigggt after he had a grass fight and he tackled her to the ground. It makes me smile :)

Autum and Jason, I totally can't wait for your awesome wedding later this summer!!! It's going to fabulicious! Thank you for being so trusting and willing to do whatever at your engagement session! You guys totally rock :) xoxo, Claire

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sallee Gaelle & Drew Jack: Sneak Peek!

Saturday's wedding was amazing, beautiful, quirky, fun, original, unique, thoughtful, sentimental, tearful, joyful, powerful, and memorable. A full blog to come! Here's just a quick sneak peek...





yummy :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

PLAYShop with Heather Cole!

When I got to my computer this morning, the first thing I check was Heather's blog. Internet, I jumped up and down, scaring my cat to death, and smiled the hugest smile in the whole wide world! Why? Because Paul and I were chosen to be the models for her fabulous PLAYShop! I was a little nervous, but Heather is so awesome at creating an experience that's relaxing and so full of love :) Check out my awesome pic'chas by the fabulous Heather Cole

Go to her blog for more, internet!

THANK YOU HEATHER! I had such a great time and I will never forget it!

Christin & Seth: The Wedding!

I first met Christin at Nicky & Kit's wedding! Christin was engaged and had been watching me work and then saw some of the sneak peek photos on Nicky & Kit's slideshow at their reception. Nicky introduced me to this beautiful blond and her handsome partner in crime and the rest is history!

Christin is playful, athletic, fearless, and beautiful! Seth adores her with every last molecule in his being! Seriously, he couldn't take his eyes of Christin the whole day... He's everything she needs and they're perfect for eachother!

Thanks a million Christin for allowing me to become a part of your group and blend in with your friends and family! Your wedding day experience was so happy and I'm lucky to have been able to be your photographer! I'll never forget it :)

Here are some of my FAVES!

Love her smile...
532180210_img_2281 logo

532173547_img_2247 logo

Um... Gorgeous, yes? YES.
532221140_img_2748 logo

EYES! You melt me, Christin! OMG...
532073859_img_0271 logo

We headed over to a near by park for a few pre-ceremony shots. Check out the ladies! Hottttt with lots of t's!!!
532074509_img_0257 logo

So cute!!! I love this shot...
532070556_img_0399 logo

Seth knows exactly what to say to get her to make this face! LOVE IT!
532197408_img_2484 logo

Married!!! How happy do they look?!
532330122_img_0823 logo

Christin told us about this field... I'm so glad she did, yes I AM.
532065912_img_3239 logo

532253282_img_3168 logo

I think I say this at every wedding, but seriously, I don't think I've laughed as much as at this one! I have NO idea what was so funny ALL THE TIME. Love this group shot.
532397890_img_0033 logo

And lastly... my most fave of the day... Gotta love their smiles and in-love-ness!
532065263_img_3259 retouchedweb copy

Christin and Seth, your fabulousness rock my socks off! I love how you guys love each other! Thanks again for everything! xoxo! -Claire