Friday, May 29, 2009

Katie & Blake: Love in Kansas City

I love engagement photos! And Katie and Blake's session was nothing short of FABULOUS.
Katie and Blake are sophisticated, quirky, fun-loving, beautiful... and so in love with each other. It's pretty much the most obvious thing EVER. Both of them are super geniuses...Blake is studying law at KU and if there's a formula for finding your perfect match, Katie's got it memorized with the patent pending. Trust me.

The Plaza shops and streets are like a second home to them and are full of memories of fun times and first dates, so they decided it would be the best place to take their engagement photos!

Here's a peek at some of my favorites from their day!

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I love this one! Katie, you are gorgeous!
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Katie rocked this LBD! So vintage and chic!
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Awww... they are so in love. And adorable.
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After spending time around the iconic Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, we headed to yet another well known and loved place in the heart of Kansas City... The Liberty Memorial. It overlooks our simple and historical skyline... You can even see the Western Auto symbol to the right...
Quick fact: Western Auto was started in 1909 in Kansas City, Missouri, by George Pepperdine, who later founded Pepperdine University.
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Shoes say so much about a person! I love their combo :)
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So sweet... Blake loves Katie A LOT.
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As the sun set over Kansas City, I couldn't be more happy for Katie and Blake... Two people who know they've found the person they want to be with at the end of each day for the rest of their lives...
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Thank you both so much for deciding to do an engagement session! What a good idea ;)
I can't wait for the wedding to come! Check back in August internet people for a peek of their wedding photos!