Monday, April 28, 2008

Adorableness Overload!

It was a beautiful and warm Sunday afternoon... I think the warmest day of the year so far! I headed out across the Missouri state line into Kansas until I arrived at the home of the sweetest family... Dustin, Lora, and baby Maya! It was Maya's 6 month birthday! Dustin and Lora are first time parents and even have their own blog documenting memories of this special time in their life.

Lora found this trail and park just a couple blocks from their home... It couldn't have been more perfect!

Maya was alll smiles and BIG cheery eyes... I couldn't pull my camera away from those baby-doll eyes and cute puckered lips. Maya showed us her new trick! She can roll over all by herself now!... And almost sit up on her own!

Here are some of my favorites from the day...


Daddy's Girl!...

Fun times with Mom...

Maya in a basket! So cute...

And I think this one is my most favorite of the day...

Thank you soooo much May, Dustin, and Lora for letting me be a part of this special day!


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Big Changes

I realize it has been an eternity since my last post! I'm now fully recovered from a long stretch of bronchitis! In the midst of being sick, Paul and I are also smack dab in the middle of...

MOVING IN TO OUR FIRST HOME! That's right, Paul and I bought our first home a couple weeks ago and are now in the moving-in process. It's going to be so adorable when all the touching up is done... AND I'll have my own office!

Anyways, I'll post photos in the near future.

In other exciting news (At least to my husband), we'll be adopting!... a Baby Kitten! Guess what, we're adopting a baby kitten! ... I smile as Paul keeps reminding me each day. I think he's more excited than I am!

I had 3 wonderful shoots last weekend and I will post some photos tomorrow. I have 3 more this week too! So things are really busy around here.

I hope everyone is enjoying this change in weather as much as I am! Just hope it doesn't snow again. You never know around here.

Well, much love to all. Enjoy this beautiful day!