Monday, July 6, 2009

Katie & Marcus: Engaged! YAY!

She loves life... And Marcus.
And Marcus lives to love her back.

Katie sipped her glass of Pina Colada in one hand and held up necklace options with the other as she flipped through outfits laid out on the bed. I LOVE bright colors! As she held up a hot pink option... She's my kind of girl :) She had already organized Marcus's outfits and had everything in order and ready to go for our shoot! She's a detail girl... That's just how she rolls! Love it!

Marcus is calm, cool and collected to a fault! I think I caught him silently laughing at us as Katie and I discussed details at a mile-per-minute. He was so sweet and was up for ANYTHING!

I drove through storms and tornadic activity to get to these two and to also see the fabulous location for their August wedding at a winery! (it was quite an evening, but that's totally another story!)

Anyways, Katie and Marcus are awesome... I had so much fun with you guys and I KNOW your wedding is going to be AMAZING!

Here are just a few of my favorites from our session!

Her smile is to die for! And look how much he loves her... love it!
KM 8

Katie, you are so beautiful! And I loved Marcus's expression in this one too :)
KM 1

*sigh* love:
KM 3

They are adorable!
KM 5

Katie had this big red barn in mind for some of her photos! I'm so like, "Yes, red barn, you can sooo be in our engagement pictures! You are big and red! Work it out, red barn!" (OK, I'm totally a nerd!, but I love how these photos turned out!)
KM 6

Oh Em Gee, are they super cute or WHAT??? One of my faves!
KM 7

Beautiful! They look good together :)
KM 2

GORGEOUS KATIE. You will have to give me this look again when you're in your wedding dress too, ok?! "Hi, I'm Katie, and I'm hottt!" Fierce. Love it!
KM 4

You're wedding is going to ROCK! Can't wait!!!! Thanks for being so sweet and for taking care good of this city girl while I was out in the country! It was definitely an experience I will love and remember forever! You are both AMAZING and I love your love for each other!