Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy Holidays and More!

WOW. what a great Christmas! I hope everyone had a wonderful, fun-filled, relaxing, time with family and friends this Christmas.

I think this was the best Christmas EVER for Paul and I. We have been so blessed and now we're able to bless SO MANY others. I'll be posting a holiday blog later filled with photos and summaries of the many adventures of Claire.

But for now, on to other things photo related!

Just before Christmas, I photographed the Drumeller family! What a blast. The boys were so adorable ... and such performers! Carrie and CJ are great parents... Cj is a musician too. They were wonderful and brave and tried all these new ideas I had... check out this great look'n family!

Their oldest boy... what a funny little guy!

And here are a couple of my faves!

So that is a small glimpse at the Drumeller family of Lee's Summit! You can always view the whole set at

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