Friday, December 21, 2007

4 More Days!

4 More days until Christmas! I'm soooo excited!

So far, I have no blog readers... I'm not doing a very good job in the awareness category though!

It looks like Christmas eve will be spent at the Ryser home, then Christmas morning will be spent at the Lohman home! I'll be posting images of the big day! I'm soo excited! (did I say that already?)

Well, just looking ahead for the next few months, here's what I've got scheduled so far...

Destination Wedding: Dallas, TX
Engagement: Ben and Shelly, KCMO
Wedding: KCMO Area
Anytime / Senior Pics session: Kenny and Friends!
Family Shoot: Dustin and Jeana
Family Shoot: Autumn & Kiley
Engagement: Megan & Michael
Portraits: Katie
Family Shoot: Sheena & Derrick
Bridals: Sheena & Derrick
Fashion/Make Up: Adamo Venuesta

Just a sneak peak. As of now, I'm only a weekend photographer, but as the days start getting lighter longer and the weather gets warmer, I'll be able to do a few weekday evenings here and there.

Pictures make blogs more fun, so here are some images of a very very adorable baby girl, Maya.

She is the first baby I have ever photographed! She was so sleepy the whole shoot, but she did so well! Take a look at this sweet baby girl...

You can always check out more at

Have a great weekend!



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