Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Thing or 2

Early this morning, Paul woke me up with a gentle kiss to say goodbye before he left for work... my eyes wouldn't open very much for me yet, but as he bent down to kiss me, I held him tightly and we said, "have the best day ever!" He tucked me in and I watched him tip toe out in his shirt and tie and I let out a sigh.. I love you paulie..

for some reason, the clock in our bedroom is 3 hours and 38 minutes fast. It has been like that since the power went out about 2 months ago. We just got used to it and now I hardly even notice it anymore. Sometimes, when it is 12:00am, I'll say "Paul, its only a quarter till 9! We've got the whole night ahead of us!" He just laughs and rolls his eyes at me.

So I've been doing this 'photography thing' for almost 8 months now. I LOVE it. I feel so lucky... blessed that I get to be a part of the most special day of 2 people's lives - their wedding day. Before I was a wedding photographer, I was a bride... So I know how important finding the "perfect" photographer is... and I hope I can be that "perfect" photographer for many more brides to come!

Paul and I will be leaving town for a few days this weekend. It will be sooo nice to just be with the one I love... the one whose kisses in the morning make me forget how cold it is outside.

I love you Paul!

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Larissa Keller said...

Soooo.. How was your trip!