Monday, February 4, 2008

Photoshop Class

"Claire!... I mean, Mrs. Ryser, how do I..."

I teach Graphic Design and Digital Imaging for 6th-12th grade at World Revival Academy in Kansas City. Every time we learn something new that the kids think is cool, I can hardly get them to settle down! They shout and go all ballistic on me! So funny.

Today we started on CD cover design. We learned about text FX and getting our print settings and specs right. They're still trying to get the hang of using the layers palette. I told them I could make a CD cover in 20 minutes using only 3 images and text FX. So I did. (I do things like that for demonstration as well as inspiration)

Here is what I came up with! (just for fun!)

If you ever get the chance to teach a class.. even if it is to volunteer, I definitely recommend it!


Larissa said...

Hey Claire! That's cool... I like it.

SBN Riley said...

I teach a class everyday, it never gets old. Your website and blog are great. Keep up the great work. We're very proud of you.