Wednesday, March 5, 2008

So far I have 9 Weddings booked for this year... 1 more, and I'll be at my goal of 10 Weddings!

I'll also be shooting with Marco and Jan Simonelli of Photomomentos in Lee's Summit for a couple weddings, Aaron of Heather Cole Photography, and Josh Solar of Solar Photo!

I'm so excited about getting to work with these amazing photographers! I met with Jan and Marco a few nights ago and they were so open and friendly! I felt a connection right away.

My first wedding of the year is coming up in just a few weeks in Dallas! So stay tuned for some "best of" photos from that.

If you are a senior, or know a high school senior, I'm accepting bookings for senior photos for 08' and '09! We've got some really cool products to go along with that this year too! Stay tuned for more info on that as well.

Paul and I just celebrated our 9 months of wedded bliss on Sunday! We are more in love than ever! sigh.

Anyways, hope everyone has a great week. Things are sort of slow right now because of the weather... but as things start warming up, you can expect to see a lot more (interesting) blogs!

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Larissa Keller said...

Hey Claire! That's so great that you already have 9 weddings planned! You're going to get so much good experience...

Also, before Ben and Shelley's wedding do you want to get together and just go over what you want me to do while I'm there with you.. and just the kind of shots I should be looking for?