Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hurry Up, Spring!

Well. Today is cold.bleak.muddy... and there is no sign of life to be found in any type of foliage. Spring, hurry up!

The news said we're supposed to get another layer of snow or ice. I hope they're wrong (like usual! lol)

I'm going to post a few pics that I've never posted before... photos that remind me of warm days... friends... pool parties... float trips... and the days of summer that I'm soooo longing for!

One more of Elisabet... I love the reflection in her super cute sunglasses!

This is my twin sister, Emily! She is a communications major at UMKC and she's also an amazing Realtor! If you're looking for a great house and a great, dedicated, friendly agent... she's your girl! She's also an AMAZING singer and musician! ... and she's my twin sister... so she's cool. These were some shots we took for future CD cover / art for her new house.

Anyways... I've got my fingers crossed that spring will come early this year. Come on sunshine!

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Larissa Keller said...

Come on warmth! I'm so ready for a nice beautiful warm day outside.

But anyways.. I made myself a blogger too. I'm not sure if the comment will leave a link to it. So if not, it's

Talk to you later Clar!