Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Vinesha: Blue Springs Senior Photography

Vanisha is spunky and full of love. And she's model-gorgeous. And I have to admit I was a little bit jealous of her cuteness. LOL!

I first met Vanisha at Nhan's senior photo session... It's a funny story actually!

While shooting Nhan, I heard a car pull over and saw someone get out of it and start walking towards me. My first thought: Oh great, someone called security on you and you're getting kicked out of this area for taking pictures... Which really for all the non-photographer people out there, happens pretty much every other time it seems like!

Anyways. Out of the corner of my eye I see this cute adorable teenage girl and I was like... OK, she is NOT a security guard! I finally stopped pretending I didn't see her (remember, I thought she was going to kick me out! She couldn't stop me from shooting photos if I didn't SEE her, right?) She explained in the sweetest voice that she needed to get her senior photos done and saw me shooting... could you be my photographer?

I was all, HECK YES! And that's how it's DONE!

I need to shoot out on busy streets more often I guess.
Thanks a million trillion billion Vinesha for being brave and coming up to a complete stranger on a busy street! You are awesome and I'm glad we could meet and become friends! Congrats Class of 2009!

Here's some of my favorites:

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Girl, you are fierce and cute all at the same time! HOW?
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Vinesha had all her details WORKED OUT! From her jewelry down to her shoes... she even did a quick eyeshadow change! Go girl!
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This shot is SOOOO her... Carefree, spirited, spunky and happy!
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One of the guys at the marina let us get on one of the $500,000 boats! And much to my dismay, he wouldn't let us take it out on the water. (duh, I guess!) But check this out! IS she cute or WHAT? Cute.
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Love this!
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BAM! Vanisha is in the house!
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Thanks girl! I had a great time with you... You totally give the best hugs EVER and I love your attitude! You rock!