Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Engagement Photos in Kansas City: Sallee Gaelle & Drew

Sallee Gaelle, Drew and I met over coffee last fall and discussed the details of their wedding. It was the first time we had met and I seriously couldn't help but feel sooo "at home" with them! We talked colors, style and they related their funny and quite unique engagement story (which I will share with you when I post their WEDDING photos!) If I remember correctly it involved an Art Fair and someone getting slapped?! Stay tuned for that!

But for REAL yall! (There's my Texas and Mississippi coming out!) These two are sooo in love and so happy and I couldn't be more happy for them! ... AND... I can't wait for their awesome wedding which is happening June 20th at Third Eye in Kansas City!

We headed out to the Plaza/Crossroads for their engagement photos... we even stopped in the exact spot where Drew proposed to Sallee Gaelle on the foot bridge at Brush Creek :)

They said they wanted bright, colorful, happy, romantic and fun photos... Think I pulled that off? Here are some of my faves! (There were seriously so many that I loved... it was really hard to pick!)

I love "laying on the ground photos" !!! Could these two be any more adorable??? Nope!
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Ooo la la... so gorgeous!!!
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This is the spot where Drew proposed!!! We're rock'n the sun flare. Yummm!
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Right below the bridge we stopped for a few more shots in the delicious sunset light... I think I was like, "OMG, yes yes yes, I love that! Keep going!" when Drew grabbed Sallee for this shot. LOL... people must think I'm Cra-ZAY!
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This is right next to Third Eye where their wedding will take place!
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Ohmygosh I love everything about this photo! ADORABLE! Cute dress, fabulous shoes, lots of fun colors, and a BEAUTIFUL SALLEE GAELLE!
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This shot just made me smile when I saw it!
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Of course we had to get some of this hotness...
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Love this Love this Love this!
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Awww... You guys are fabulous...
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Thanks so much for being so awesome!!!! I sooo can not wait for your wedding! Yay!