Thursday, October 23, 2008

Theresa & Nick

Wow... where to start with Theresa and Nick?

Theresa was the first bride to book me as her official professional wedding photographer! I had only shot 1 other wedding in the whole history of my life... but somehow, someway... Theresa just knew that I was the one for her. When we sat down at our first consultation, she asked to see some more of my wedding images. I didn't have a website, blog... or anything except a few photos on a myspace page. Embarrassingly, I said, "Here are some shots that I took at my last (only!) wedding" .... We scanned the images on my lap top and after a while she replied, "Do you have any more?" .... "Um. Nope!" But because of my rediculously good looking good looks and amazing personality (Whaaat?!) she just couldn't say no to me! And with that, she booked for her wedding to come the next fall.

So a long time past, and Theresa watched me finally get a blog... a website... and quite a few weddings under my belt.

And here we are tonight! The beautiful, bubbly, cheery, silly, quirky Theresa is now married happily to the genius, goofy, exploding ball of energy... Nick.

I can't thank you enough T, for having faith in me, trusting me and believing in me... even when there wasn't much to believe in! I'm so glad we've become friends and I'm excited to see the good things to come for you and Nick! Congrats!!!





This shot captures Nick in a nutshell...



Get'n wild with the ladies...



It rained pretty much the whole afternoon... Look at these troopers!


Fortunately, Theresa had bought all the girls parasols as a gift! Those definitely came to good use... and made for some super cute shots!


Back at the church things were a little warmer. The flower girl was adorable... check out those big blue eyes! I could have shot this cutie all day!


The ceremony was absolutely beautiful...

And Theresa left no detail unplanned.
I love how she chose this very pure, clean, bright organic look for the reception...



Thank you so much Theresa and Nick! I'll see you soon!

PS: I still have your umbrella you let me borrow that day!