Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Los Angeles Earthquake

This afternoon, there was an earthquake with a 5.8 magnitude in the L.A area.
L.A. is far from home, but my dad is there this week for meetings and briefings for his job. See the article here

He called us and said he was OK and his building was earthquake proof... but that the building swayed back and forth quite a bit! His staff / local members there said it was one of the worst they've ever experienced there.

I've lived in the Midwest my whole life (Born in New Braunfels, TX, lived in Biloxi Mississippi, Rantoul / Ludlow Illinois, Whitman Air Force Base, Knob Knoster, Smithton, Raymore, Lee's Summit, and Blue Springs, Missouri, (GEESH! That's ALOT of moving... and we're not even in the military!) So I'm used to storms and tornadoes... But earth quakes?! Yikes!

CNN Live was showing live (obviously) footage of the streets and it was like they were turning into mud pits and water was coming up. CRAZY!

In the footage some people were just going about the lives like nothing was going on... while others were totally freaking out. I guess that's how you know who the locals and who the out-of-towners are.

Last week Dad was in Washington D.C. and had quite the adventure there too. I say, "no more adventures, come home!"