Monday, July 28, 2008

Bright Eyes : Kira is 6 months!

I met Tamara and Justin through my friends, Dustin, Lora and Maya!

Kira did such a great job! She wasn't feeling well at all... and Tamara would probably say that's an understatement. But you can't tell from these photos! Here big eyes shined right through! We were so proud of her.

I love to shoot babies in available / natural light because it just lights up their whole face... and especially their eyes. We started out outdoors... but it made little Kira squint. So we moved things inside.. and POP! she cheered right up.

What a personality!!!!
kd 2

She was looking at daddy in this shot. I'm pretty sure she'll get whatever she wants from him with these big eyes!!!
kd 1

And this face... Just MELTS me!

kd 3

Thanks so much guys for choosing me to be a part of Kira's 6 month b-day!