Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dina & Brenden

It's not often that the first time you meet someone... they're wearing nothing but a towel.

I had the pleasure of shooting with the fun and fabulous Josh Solar recently! And NO, he was NOT the one in the towel.

Dina, the beautifully stunning bride, was super nice and so easy to work with... Maybe that's why Josh knew he could leave me to handle the "girls getting ready" part on my own ; )

Upon entering their hotel room, I was warmly greeted by Dina's sister-in-law and her step mom. As we were talking about the day ahead and getting to know each other, Dina popped out of the bathroom, all smiles, in nothing but a towel! They all squealed about how beautiful she was... I have to admit, she was glowing!!! After we met everyone started buzzing around and Dina quickly slipped into her dress with the help of her wonderful ladies!

Dina must be blessed with the gift of craftiness! She MADE her hairpiece! SOOOO GORGEOUS. And you have to love her body-hugging gown. GEEZ!

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Everyone was ready early, so the girls decided to cruise around in the limo with some champaign... and let me just say this. What happened in that limo, stays in the limo!!!

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An operatic voice sang out as Dina walked down the aisle. Does Brenden look happy or WHAT?

Caption for bottom right photo: "With this thing I the we... Wait, what do I say?!"

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"look'n all model-y" as Josh would say! ;)

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I love the simplicity of this shot...

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Jenny's shoes were pretty tough to fill... Thanks Josh for letting me try! :) (Jenny is Josh's lovely wife who usually shoots with him... her baby was about to pop out that day, so it was best she stayed home.) Say hi to the new baby for me!!!!