Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Christmas Like NO OTHER!

OK! So the Christmas post I promised is finally here!
I LOVE Christmas! I am so thankful for so many things... especially a wonderful family... Thanks to all my out of town family too! I love you!

We had such a wonderful Christmas. My alarm went off at 6:30 am. I think we hit snooz e a couple of times... but finally Paul and I finally got out of bed and started loading all the gifts into the car (well, PAUL loaded all the gifts in the car), makeing several trips... until we were ready to head over to my parents house 20 mins away!

We were so excited! I'm not going to lie! How could you not be? A Lohman Family Christmas... is a Christmas like NO OTHER! ... I'm not sure if it's the generous ammounts of gifts waiting to be received... or the generous amounts of gifts waiting to be given. Probably both! Either way, it's so wonderful to spend a whole day giving, loving, playing... with the ones you love the most.

Most people put their gifts under the tree... but ... we kind of ran out of room!... and rooms!

We literally have piles... no, 4ft mountains! - of gifts. It was so fun to see the looks on everyones faces gawking around the room!

My mom got all the guys in the family Shocking Laser Tag that actually shocks you! It hurts! No cheating in THAT game! The box actually says "This is not a toy. For ages 12-55. Not reccommended for those with heart problems or high blood pressure." CRAZY!

I got Paul this rock'n helicopter that flies great! It is sooo cool... it flies really smooth and has great control!

To: Mom
From: Dad


Here is paul acting like a super model and rock'n his new video chair! It has speakers and other cool features that video guy types are really into.

Then we had a fantabulous Christmas Dinner! Check out these fancy place settings! Go Mom!

So there's a small, wee, tiny glimpse into a Lohman Family Christmas.
I have truly been blessed with such an amazing family. God bless us, one and all! Merry Christmas!

(yes, I realize it is January now)

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