Thursday, August 27, 2009

Trey & Annie: Engagement Photos

I was mingling and talking to friends when I saw Trey and Annie out of the corner of my eye standing there a few feet away staring at me with huge smiles and big eyes. I KNEW something was up!

Because I'm officially a nerd, I accidentally called Annie, "Annie Ammons" (Ammons is Trey's last name, not Annie's) and then realized that I had made a mistake. Annie laughed and said "Well, that's what we wanted to talk to you about! We're going to get married!" I think my next few sentences came out in squeals to high-pitch for anyone to understand, but I'm sure I said something like, "yay! omg!"

ANYWAYS! Trey and Annie's story is pretty much adorable. Have you ever seen The Princess Bride? Trey was in charge of mowing and maintaining the never ending country acres where Annie lived during the summers. More and more she noticed he would come by, VERY often. Trey didn't mind because he got to see Annie. Eventually, Annie realized that every time Trey said, "as you wish", he was really saying, "I love you!" (OK!!! That's from the movie! But it's pretty much true!)

They fell in love and the rest is history! They asked me to take their engagement photos at the place where they fell in love! We also went to Baker University where they both went to school, and a nearby airport [of sorts!]. Their wedding is September 5th and I'm so excited to be their wedding photographer!

Here are some of my favorites:

I love this one because of Annie's laugh. This photo just makes me smile!
And it is always fun when my couples decide to have their pets come along for the engagement photos!

We are SO in Kansas! Something about being out in the country air with nothing but fields and dirt roads is romantic to me :) What a perfect place to fall in love.

Then we headed out to Baker University. Are they adorable or what?

Trey was a little nervous about taking photos. He thought he was going to hate it. It turns out taking engagement photos can be fun! ;)

Annie is GORGEOUS!

I love love!



The sun began to set and we managed another outfit change and headed to the local airport! Hello airplane!


As the sun went down and out of sight, I had to get a few more shots of them on this hay bale! Trey and Annie are troopers! Getting onto this giant thing was kinda tricky!
I love this!!!


I love these next two of them. Trey and Annie are perfect for each other and I'm lucky to have them in my life! You guys are amazing.

Trey loves Annie. A whole lot. And she loves him back! I love my job :)
How sweet are they?

Thanks a million Trey and Annie for allowing me to capture your love for each other and tell your story through these engagement photos! I'm so excited that I'll also be your wedding photographer in just a few days! XOXO - Claire