Monday, August 10, 2009


I'm inspired by love, fashion, Disney fairy tales... What can I say? I'm 100% girly. I've given up trying to seem tough or cool, especially because I usually end up looking like an idiot the split-second after I make a dire attempt at coolness! We're just not meant to be :) BUT... I can totally pull of ditsy-fairy-tale-princes! Just ask my husband.

I remember seeing this Ralph Lauren Romance ad when I was about 20 or 21 and there was just something about it that I loved! Maybe it was the white horse... or the rolling countryside. Whatever it was, I've ALWAYS wanted to... do it my way!

This brings us to...
The first ever, Rock The Dress session, featuring Becca and Jer!
We've all heard of Trash The Dress, a session where the bride jumps into a river/pond/fountain, or splashes paint all over herself... or SOMETHING along those lines. They are fun and capture AMAZING images! But it's not for everyone. Some brides cringe at the thought of "trashing" their $3,000.00+ gown. And you know, I guess I don't blame them!

So, as an alternative to trashing, here's to ROCKING. Rock The Dress sessions are a chance to WORK IT OUT in your fabulous gown and get some fashion-forward images in a non-destructive environment! All sessions are at least two hours long and include professional makeup artistry and a custom album. Email me for package rates!

I have MANY amazing, fabulous and resourceful people to thank for helping me ROCK this session!

Rising Star Ranch for their world-traveling, award-winning stallion, Kool Star and other horses who also made their debut! Also for allowing me the use of their GORGEOUS grounds and fields for the location!

Aubrey at Salon De Crist for veil and hair, and Jill Kinsey, also with Salon De Crist for an AMAZING job on Becca's makeup and lashes! Becca totally ROCKED her

Are you ready for this? Me too :)
BJ 1

BJ 3

BJ 2

BJ 4

BJ 5

BJ 6

BJ 7

BJ 8

BJ 9

BJ 10

BJ 11

BJ 12


BJ 15

BJ 16

BJ 17

BJ 14

Thank you Becca and Jer... You are both amazing and I'm so lucky to have had the chance to work with you guys! Also, thanks to SGM/Absurd Media video editing guru, David Belich for capturing all my glorious dork-ness in HD, Larissa for feeding the horses and being an extremely helpful assistant,The Bridal Mansion in KC for being AMAZING, and Paul my awesome husband for bringing his Flip and tagging along for moral support! I had a BLAST with all of you!