Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Meet Jayme of Event Studio!

For brides wanting a unique wedding with a style all their own... let me introduce one of my most favorite wedding planners / designers in the industry!


Jayme Dean of Event Studio is one beautiful, compassionate, funny, detail-centric ball of energy! I'm looking forward to working with her this summer at a fabulous wedding this August!

Event Studio is a sophisticated and imaginative wedding and event design studio with offices in Kansas City and Dallas... They help brides plan and design weddings down to every last exquisite detail! Check out their blog!
I've noticed that my fabulous clients tend to all have one thing in common when sharing their dreams and desires for the big day:
I want to have a unique wedding that's all my own!
So... I decided to ask the ever amazing Jayme Dean to divulge some delicious tips on having a unique and modern wedding... all your own! (and on a budget!) See below for some great wedding ideas! Enjoy!

Claire: What are some of the hottest trends for the '09 bride?

Jayme: The hottest trend right now is high style with a small budget. Our current economic climate calls for the best vendor value for my client’s cash! This sometimes calls for some DIY projects and extreme creativeness, but it can be done.

Claire: Are there other locations besides a church for couples to tie the knot? Do you have any favorites?

Jayme: My favorite is a beach setting with warm sunny rays and sand between my toes…but not here in KC. My favorite place in Kansas City ceremony site is the side yard at The Simpson House. It is so beautiful in the late spring; and is perfect for an intimate wedding with a small guest list. The grounds are very well cared for and the tree’s perfectly poised limbs shade guests like a canopy.

Claire: Our nation is going through some tight economic times. How should brides determine when to scrimp and when to splurge?

Jayme: The couple has to prioritize each aspect of the wedding (photo, video, make-up/hair, wine & dine, etc.). They should certainly splurge on what items have a higher priority than the others. However…DO NOT SCRIMP ON SERVICE FOR YOUR GUESTS!

Claire: Brides want to have a memorable and unique wedding. We've all heard of the "shot gun" or "underwater" weddings, yikes! What are your tips on mixing tradition with a modern motif? Surely there are other ways to make an impression without donning a snorkel!

Jayme: Impress your guests with the most personal details that say YOU!:

  • If you are a couple that likes to travel, name your tables with places you have visited and include a brief description of the destination, and a photo of the two of you there.
  • Create a signature drink with your favorite color and name it after the two of you.
  • Have guests leave a message for the newlyweds on magnetic “business card sized” magnets that you have covered with paper in your wedding colors and decorate your ‘fridge when you return from your honeymoon with advice from your family & friends.
  • Display photos of your parents, grandparents, even great-grandparents on their wedding day. (Be sure to label each photo!)
  • Have your valet attendant leave a little message hanging from the rear view mirror, or a sweet treat, when your guest gets into the car.
  • Have a late-night snack delivered (pizza with your favorite topping, an ice cream sundae bar, mini-hotdogs/mini hamburgers, milk shakes, doughnuts)

Q: As a highly sought after
event planner, what is the most frequently asked question you receive?

Who do you recommend for __________________________? (Fill in the blank with any of these: cakes, rentals, gowns, invitations, hair/make-up, ceremony music, etc.)

I always get questions about vendor recommendations.

Q: One last question! What is the number one piece of advice you would give the modern bride?

Enjoy your day! Leave nothing until the last minute. Have fun. Relax. Be sure to eat a piece of your cake, and take a piece out the door to eat later that night!

Thanks Jayme!!! You are wonderful... I'm looking forward to working with you (and laying out with you on your boat this summer!!! ahhhh!)

Before I was a wedding photographer, I was a bride and I definately agree with Jayme! HAVE FUN on your wedding day.... just relax and take in the moment with the love of your life and your friends and family! (AND EAT THE CAKE! YUM!)

Have a fab Wedesday!