Friday, January 9, 2009

Leann & Wes - Wedding

Leann seamed to float on thin air all day. When I arrived to meet her, we toured the Hilton and she showed me where the reception would take place. Every detail was in order and Leann was so calm and relaxed... but still beaming with excitement!

I was overwhelmed by the joy and happiness that filled the whole day -from getting ready early that morning until the end of the night as Leanne and Wes danced the evening away with each other and their closest friends and family.

I think this was one of the happiest weddings I've ever been to. By the end of the day my face hurt from smiling so much and my abs hurt from laughing so much!

Wes and Leann, thank you so much for choosing me to be your photographer and for being my friends. I know you both are going to have a totally fabulous future together and I'm just glad I could join you along the way.

Here are my favs from the day!

Getting Ready...


Do you know how hard it is to cram 7 girls in to an elevator when 4 of them are wearing gowns with trains, and 2 of them are armed with multiple cameras and gear? We are troopers!


Getting laced up...


See! I told you... We couldn't stop laughing. Proof that I AM funny! (to my husband: I hope you're reading this!)



So beautiful!

The guys...


Don't worry Wes, I'll leave out the photos where you just about lost it ;). I cried too!

I just love the sweetness of this one...

This shot was taken just a few minutes after they were married! Woo Hoo! Look'n hottt!




Congrats Leann & Wes!!! I wish you both the most fabulous 2009!