Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Free to Succeed

The Free To Succeed Tour last night in KCK was nothing short of amazing, inspiring, motivating, and FREEING.

I'm really new to the photography industry as most of you know. The session gave me so many new ideas and I am sooo pumped up put them into action. Jasmine Star and David Jay gave me a lot to think about... and DO!

In my gut, I've always had a feeling and knew everything they were saying was true... But actually hearing someone else say the things I had been thinking (why do I have to have so many products? Why can't I just charge a service fee and be 100% flexible on the other stuff? What's so bad about giving away the digital files? Do I really have to have 10 zillion pro lenses? I'm sure there's a faster post process!) Everything Jas and DJ said made me stand up on the inside and yell, "HA! I KNEEEWWWW it!"" I just needed someone to show me the way and set me free. :)

So to Jasmine and DJ, (if you ever read this one girls blog out of the millions of others) THANK YOU!