Tuesday, November 6, 2007

White Family Photos - Weekend Adventure!

What a weekend! Saturday couldn't have been more perfect for an outdoor photoshoot! It was cool, with warm sunlight penetrating fluffy white clouds and the bright fall leaves falling slowing from their branches. So pretty.

James Galbraith helped me shoot this session. We started out about an hour early since we didn't know the location very well and wanted to find "the perfect spot" before the whites trecked out to find us.

While driving to Stocksdale Park in Liberty, we passed a private lake with a sprawling house on it. the lake was GORGEOUS and the trees looked like a painting. ( To see more, visit www.visionairestudios.photoreflect and look under the White's photos ) So naturally, I had to stop and ask if we could shoot on their property. No one was home, the place looked like it hadn't been lived in in months and the mail box was stuffed to overflowing... it was very strange because the garage door was left open and there was a red Porche inside.

Anyways, since it looked deserted, we decided to trespass and shoot at this private property. The Whites arrived and it couldn't have been more perfect until the owners showed up! James pleasantly worked things out with them and they allowed us to shoot there.

The shots we got were amazing!

We all laughed about it later about our encounter with the owners.
It was such a fun fun fun time. I'll photograph the White family ANYTIME. What a great bunch!

Gorgeous family!

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