Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Aaron + Whitney: Wedding Part II

Here are a few more shots from Aaron and Whitney's wedding!

web IMG_8821

Love these classy shoes...

web IMG_8829

Getting ready...

web IMG_8841

web IMG_8877

All dressed up and look'n HOTTTT (with 4 t's!!! whoo hoo!)

web IMG_9020

Aaron and his MANY men!

web IMG_9150

I have never seen so many gorgeous women!!! WORK IT LADIES!!!

Web IMG_0281

OK. I thought this was sooo funny and such a PERFECT demonstration of Aaron's sense of humor, personality, and timing.

We were taking NOT goofy photos, but then Aaron starts busting out the YMCA moves! I didn't tell Whitney because... well. I knew she would find out soon enough.

Young Man.. da na na na na na...


Part III and the slide show coming later this week!


- Claire


Larissa's Atelier said...
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Larissa Keller said...

Hey Claire those look vantastic!

And I got a new blog..

Kenny Marshall said...

These are realy amazing pics!!!! Yes i did decide to join the blogger community!!! yay!!!

Sara Tafoya Photography said...

claire! how in the world are you!?!!?!? i checked out your site and your blog and it looks great :) i'll def be putting you on my recommendation list when i can't shoot a wedding!