Thursday, May 29, 2008

Aaron & Whitney Wedding: Part 1

"I think I LOVE him!" Was Whitney's confession to her older sister. After that... things are pretty much history!

Aaron moved to Kansas City from Minnesota to attend World Revival School of Ministry, the college at Whitney's church. One Sunday morning church service, Whitney's mother nudged her and pointed out the tall, athletic, red-headed young man... who would soon be the man to sweep Whitney off her feet!

The happy couple was wed at World Revival Church in Kansas City last Saturday. Thank you Aaron and Whitney for choosing me to be your photographer. I know you will have such an amazing and ADVENTUROUS future together! I'm so glad to be in your lives. See you when you get back from your honeymoon!!!



Here are just 3 shots from their love-filled day. Slide show coming soon!

The day started off really dark and rainy, but when we stepped outside later on, the sun magically appeared and began beating lotttsss of hot hot rays on us... with not a cloud in the sky!

So romantic...

WEB IMG_9996

WEB IMG_0108

Aaron and Whitney had 9 (NINE!!!) attendants each, not counting ushers, flower girl and 2 ring bearers! So this was a BIG wedding.
Stay tuned for a slide show coming soon!

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the bigger pics look great!