Thursday, October 25, 2007

First Blog!

Things have come a long way for me since my first photoshoot!
Back in May 2006, my sister and I "kidnapped" our best friend on her birthday for a fashion photoshoot! We borrowed my dad's old 1980s 35 mil Cannon something and some film... and a digital snapshot Kodak thing. The day was an adventure to say the least.

Shortly after that, My life became overwhelmed with my editing/graphic design job, junior year college projects, and wedding planning!

I got married this June... it was a perfect wedding to the perfect man of my dreams! Paul is so supportive and wonderful and my life would be in pieces without him. I had a wonderful photographer who inspired me to pick up photography again in hopes that I could give others such a great experience and images!

Since then, I've shot weddings, portraits, events, has been quite the journey. I'm curently in the process of building my website which should be up and running soon.

This will be my blog home. I want to keep up with the things that are going on in my life that help me see how far I've come and remember the wonderful experiences I've had along the way.

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